Scope & Roadmap

  • Improving HSD

    Improvement in healthcare service delivery through upgradation.

    Strengthening of processes and systems.

    Development of KPI’s & Monitoring Dashboard for hospitals (HMES)

  • Automation of PESSI core processes

    Issuance of E-Cards.

    Development of MEA Application.

    HRMIS, HMIS, PMIS, Biometrics, Diary Dispatch System, Automated Referrals, EODB & Online Contribution System, EMR SSO Application.

  • Best Practices Embedded

    Implementation of MSDS.

    Standard operating procedures in place.

    Standard medical procedures in place.

  • New Initiatives

    Dispensary Restructuring & Rationalization.

    New M-16 from introduction.

    Capacity building of field staff.